Ink on Silk

Jared FitzGerald used the small accordion sketchbooks and drawings to create these larger ink paintings on silk in the studio. These works are based upon the experiences of drawing dancers at a bar and various other events in Beijing.

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Ink on Paper

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Exhibition at the National Art Museum of China (N.A.M.O.C.)

We are pleased to announce Mr. Jared FitzGerald’s (name in bold) participation as one of the artists in this exhibition and FitzGerald Studios LLC (in bold) as the primary support company for this exhibition.

我们很荣幸的宣布:杰瑞德  菲茨杰拉尔德 先生的作品参加到本次中国美术馆当代陶瓷艺术展;同时,菲茨杰拉德工作室 为本次展览的唯一支持单位。
2012 Contemporary Chinese Ceramics Painting Exhibition

2012 中国当代陶瓷绘画艺术展
at the National Art Museum of China
June 6 – 12, 2012


A series of contemporary ceramics created by Jared FitzGerald in the town of Jing De Zhen, a well-known porcelain manufacturing center in the south of China.  The pots are made from porcelain, each unique and hand painted.  The clay used has a very fine consistency, which fires at a high temperature and some of the clay matrix turns to glass.  Usually, the pots take ten hours to fire.

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